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Fire Rated Doors Whitby Repair & Installation

At Whitby, we have the right fire rated doors for your property. Fire rated doors can make the difference between life and death as they reduce the rate at which a fire spreads, and can, therefore, withstand the situation better than an ordinary door.

Additionally, fire-rated doors act as a smoke barrier, as well as compartmentalize flames. At Whitby, you’ll find some of the best door professionals adept at installing fire rated doors in Whitby.

A fire rated door has a high fire-resistance rating, meaning it adds an extra layer of security for building inhabitants in case of a fire. Thus, fire-rated doors can turn out to be an invaluable component of your home or business, allowing residents to exit safely from the building in case of a fire.

What Are The Benefits Of Fire Rated Doors In Whitby?

The biggest advantage of fire-rated doors is safety. These doors facilitate the speedy and safe evacuation of the occupants of your building, and at the same time, help keep property damage to a minimum. In fact, installing fire rated doors can help your insurance premiums go down.

Fire-rated doors can act as a safeguard against fire and smoke for a minimum of thirty minutes and a maximum of two hours. During this time, you can evacuate employees.

Call Whitby at 647-955-4366 and avail of our professional installation services for these doors!.

Does My Door Already Have A Fire Rating?

All fire rated doors display fire labels that verify proper construction to withstand the assigned fire rating. If you can’t find the label, feel for it on all the sides of the door to check for textured or raised surfaces; the label can sometimes be painted over.

If you’re still unsure about whether or not you have a fire-rated door, better safe than sorry – give us a call at 647-955-4366. With a fire-rated door, you will also be able to observe the building codes and regulations in place to ensure the building and residents’ safety.

Do I Need Fire Rated Doors In Whitby City?

Check your building’s codes and regulations to see if you are required to install fire rated doors. But even if there are no regulations, it’s worthwhile to consider fire rated doors, given that they can slow down smoke and fire. Call our team of experts to figure out if its the right choice for you.

Need a fire-rated door? Whitby is on hand for all your fire door installation and services requirements. We ensure these thick doors are fitted correctly within your frame, so you don’t have to worry about functionality at all. Give us a call at 647-955-4366.

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