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Our Professionals Are Equipped with the Latest smart locks on the Market let us help you Choose the Right Lock for you

Weiser Smart Locks

Protects against advanced break-in techniques Designed to protect against both common and rare break-in methods and meets the most stringent security standards SmartKey allows you to re-key the lock yourself in seconds, leaving lost or unreturned keys obsolete

Kwickset Smart Locks

With your own personal code, you can enter your home with just a few simple pushes of a button and lock it with just one. No more losing keys. No more lockouts. No more hiding keys under the mat.

Schlage Smart Locks

Say goodbye to lost, stolen and just plain forgotten keys. With an easy-to-install Schlage keypad and touchscreen, electronic door locks, coming and going is keyless, effortless – and painless. Plus, our variety of electronic finish and style options pair effortlessly with our most popular trim styles, allowing you to expertly tie together the perfect style inside and out.
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Smart Lock Installation & Repair in Woodbridge

Keyless door locks are increasingly popular with commercial and residential properties. We at Superb Security Systems offer the latest in technologically advanced security, offering more protection for your home or business.

Our keyless entry experts can help you to choose the right keyless locks, according to your needs and budget, and can design a keyless entry system for your property’s doors. We specialize in upgrading old and traditional mechanical locks to modern electronic keyless door locks.

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Keyless Entry Systems

Keyless entry systems can be stand-alone, or access control connected. There are many different methods to choose from for keyless entry system:

  • Card / Fob access
  • A keypad with programmable codes
  • Biometric locks with fingerprint entry
  • Smart locks with Bluetooth or smartphone entry

You can choose the keyless entry system that is most convenient for you or have a lock installed that is compatible with multiple methods. Most keyless locks have the option to override with a key during an emergency. If you need any help deciding, Superb is always here to offer advice

Commercial & Residential Keyless Systems

Superb offers keyless door locks for residential and commercial clients in Woodbridge. The scale of security might differ, but we always ensure a quality design and installation for every property.

Commercial Keyless Locks

We can design, install, and repair keyless door locks in retail stores, single or complex office buildings, banks, hospitals, and any commercial space. Our knowledge allows us to create superior advanced keyless entry systems that will protect your business, employees, and profits. We work closely with general contractors, commercial property management companies, architects and interior designers, and help them with the overall design of an optimal security system for their projects and properties.

Residential Keyless Locks

We can help you choose the right keyless front door lock for your home. Property manager? Keep your property and your tenants safe with the latest in technological security. We can design and install a keyless entry system for your residential building, that adds additional protection, while allowing every tenant easy access.

Superb for Advanced Keyless Door Locks

Superb Security Systems has been providing the latest security systems for residents and businesses of Woodbridge for over 13 years. We provide residential and commercial property owners keyless lock systems that offer additional security and ease of access.

Our keyless entry installers are trained to install the highest quality keyless entry systems from top brands such as Schlage, Kwikset, Kaba Simplex, Emtek, Yale, Samsung, and Mul-T-Lock.


When you are locked out of your home either because you forgot your keys inside the door or kilometers away, you need to contact our team. We will use modern technology to get you into your home and turn your lockout from a major problem into a minor inconvenience, without damaging your property.

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